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Fall calls for pumpkin spice, bonfires, and spooky décor! When we think of fall crafting with the kids, it definitely involves including them in party planning and creating decorations or favors. These adorable little coffins from Walmart could definitely serve double duty! Fill them with candy, and put one at each place setting so guests can take them home at the end of the night. You could even use alphabet stickers on the inside of the lids to create place cards. Kids can use these acrylic paints to decorate the coffins in their own style, or follow the simple steps below to create our creepy cobweb vibe.

Materials needed: 6” coffin boxes, acrylic craft paint set (bright), acrylic craft paint (black), foam sponge brushes, paintbrush, candy, party supplies

STEP 1: Use a sponge brush to cover the unfinished coffins in black acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

STEP 2: Use a skinny paintbrush to paint “spokes” on the lid going from a center point to the edges of the coffin. Starting near the center point, paint little scallops connecting the spokes. Create several more layers of scallops going up the spokes, leaving little ends extending beyond the scallops. Allow to dry.

STEP 3: Fill the coffins with Halloween candy, add a name inside the lid (or don’t!), and put a coffin at each place setting.

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